About Us

We have always said that one day we would write a book. Maybe the time is not quite right yet, but it’s tempting. However factual books tend to be written retrospectively and yet here we stand at the birth of our creation, and a new future – Art of Eco.

Many intelligent people have suggested that people would benefit greatly if they lived their lives backwards, born old and gifted with all the knowledge and wisdom at the start of our lives, but living from ‘old-age’ to birth, oh what we could achieve with all that knowledge and youth approaching rather than old age!

With this thought in mind it’s a heart-warming concept to find ourselves, in our relative ‘old age’ and yet ‘finally’ beginning to make sense, understand and harness these many years of toiling in the green fields of creativity, (or perhaps the few years of actual ‘toiling’ if this concept is to be proven) into such an incredibly dynamic project with so much scope and underlying importance.

Yet by looking at our ‘bumps and bruises’ obviously picked up from business experience (yet to be experienced if this concept is indeed true) it was clear we had previous experience of the market we wished to enter, and so a decision was taken that living in such an uncertain world we needed to create a ‘sustainable’ business that we could nurture and control, and ultimately drive home our ideas and philosophy’s, yet express ourselves through our art – and so the Nexiform material was born.

We understood that the ceramic tile was in its twilight years, the cost of its raw materials and the vast amounts of energy consumed in its manufacture, and indeed the cost to the planet for the extraction of these raw materials, was making it too costly to produce and sell in a market place awash with bland, me to designs, where the artisan potters where being pushed out by the great industrial machine. Ultimately the markets dislike for grout lines paved the way for the Hob Splashback, and Art of Eco’s entry into the market.

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The ultimate hob splashback was created, colour, pattern, or artwork, incredible to look at, captivating in its glossy finish, at everybody’s first encounter with this product it begs to be touched – with slabs available in any size up to 2000 x 900mm, it is a stunning product.

Suitable for your traditional Aga in your country kitchen or sat above your modern stainless steel cooking engine in your penthouse – Art of Eco has the design to fit your lifestyle, and your home – and if it is not available ‘off the shelf’ then we can create it.

These vast slabs of eco-friendly material, painstakingly created in our workshops in rural Wales, are now shipped around the world in our cleverly designed packaging. Weather you own an Aga, Esse, Everhot or Wolf range cooker we can provide, through our UK and overseas dealers a product of rare beauty and superb craftsmanship, manufactured using our simple yet technically advanced ‘cold cure’ process to produce a product that is essentially made from 87% recycled material, brilliantly clever, a European award winning product manufactured in the UK, with global ambition.

The product range is now expanding to encompass many areas normally associated with ceramic tiles, with our revolutionary Fireback and Monolith products acting as beautiful heatsheilds behind many wood burning stoves, and with other developments for products used in showers and bathrooms, and feature walls, murals, and decorated surfacing panels the opportunities are endless.

So from our humble beginnings, and an idea originally formed from necessity, we have forged a customer friendly business that welcomes input from its clients. We understand the importance of choice – and indeed getting it right. No job is too big – no job is too small, we relish the challenge of each day to pitch our ability against your design problem.

Our many years in the business have given us this wonderful opportunity, let our team of highly skilled designers and artisan makers create for you a product of lasting beauty and timeless quality. Let us take the final steps on the journey with you in creating a centrepiece for your home; it will be our pleasure to share with you our passion and indeed the gift of this wisdom and knowledge. Whether we are old getting young or young getting old, the experience of getting here has been quite remarkable, and the journey with our customers a fortuitous one, because without them we would have never began this journey.

Enjoy Art of Eco, it’s a lifestyle choice, created by people who have lived and enjoyed life.